Sarves Alta

Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge sit's on the doorstep to SarvesAlta Alpine Resort, offering fantastic summer and winter adventures. SarvesAlta Alpine Resort is nestled in a beautiful setting overlooking the Alta Fjord and the valleys that surround the town. It's a cozy and family-friendly winter park that's great for everyone, whatever your age and fitness level.

Sarves Alta In The Winter

In the wintertime you can take part in activities like alpine skiing or snowboarding in slopes under the arctic sky. It's a small but varied ski area with slopes in all difficulties. If you want to challenge yourself we have lots of trails. Take a toboggan down the hill, kickslade around on cosy winter roads or go snowshoeing in the Nordic pine forest. Fatbike down the alpine slopes under the arctic sky or ride around on cosy winter roads. Our lateschallenge is snowshoes with ziplines. Hike around in the forest with snowshoes, end your walk with our Speedy zipline.

Sarves Alta In The Summer

Summertime you may challenge yourself in the worlds northernmost treetop climbing park featuring 55 games, including 10 zip lines. There are several opportunities for hiking in the area.

When it's time for a break, recharge with refreshments in our café or at Bjørnehiet on top.

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