At the Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge we offer you the opportunity to experience an authentic part of Norwegian culture. Sit beside the beautiful Norwegian countryside in the comfort of one of our 5 cosy cabins. Take in the breathtaking views from the heights of Alta and experience the Northern Lights into the night.

A Tranquil Experience

We offer five cabins that feature 2 – 6 beds with fully equipped kitchens, dining tables and fireplaces. If you enjoy your food served and fresh, then you take a short stroll to our Cosy Café at SarvesAlta. If desired Breakfast can be brought straight to your cabin where you can continue to enjoy the Vistas. Sit back with a the beverage of your choice beside the sparkling embers in the fireplace. 

A Mesmerizing Location

The cabins are placed in the terrain in a way that gives privacy to everyone. The view is astonishing, from your windows you can see the valleys, plateaus and mountains surrounding Alta. After a day on your Skis,  perch yourself on the windowsills under a wool blanket and read a book while waiting for the Northern lights to appear.

The Northern Lights

Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge is located only 20 km from Alta city centre but still in an area sheltered from the light pollution from the city. You can just go outside the cabin to see Aurora dancing.